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What is an Alternator?

One of the major components of a vehicle is its charging system. An alternator generates electric power and cars with internal combustion have alternators. The alternator provides additional electric power and charges the battery when an engine runs. An alternator is not a complex part of your car but it is important to keep your car running properly. Its rotating brushes create an alternating current that charges your car’s battery and gives power to the other electrical components and systems in your car. 

An alternator is attached to the car engine and driven by a drive belt. An alternator does not need maintenance. Some cars have alternators that last for over a decade without needing any repairs. When an alternator fails, the car can still run through its battery power. But, when the battery is out of charge, the engine will start to fail as well. An alternator replacement is expensive and there are alternatives. 

If the alternator performs poorly or it suddenly fails, the car’s battery will not charge and ultimately, the car will not start. Because of this, it must be one of your priorities to keep your car’s alternator to top-shape. That’s Mobile Mechanic Lutz FL is here to help you and also we offer other services such as car AC repair and auto electric repair.


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What are the common alternator problems?

There are several common causes why an alternator may fail It could be caused by fluid leaks. Tight belts could also damage the bearings, that would cause a premature ware-and-tear to your alternator. When the alternator performs poorly, it is almost automatic that your car will not run smoothly, if not, at all.

If you observe that your car is doing the following, your alternator may be going bad.

  • Dim headlights

There are also charging problems when the lights in your dashboard and headlights dim when the engine is in idle but become brighter as soon as the engine is revved. Sometimes, there are pulsating dashboard lights and headlights which you can easily observed when driving at night. 

This may mean a weak alternator, a discharged and failing battery, loose connections at the battery terminals, or problems with the drive belt.

  • When the battery lights continues to be “on” in the dashboard
  • You smell burnt tires

Because the alternator cannot move freely, an excess heat is built up in the alternator belt.

  • Dead battery
  • Problems with the starter
  • Noise

When you hear buzzing/whining/growling/high-pitched noises from the alternator, this may mean that there are alternator troubles. It could be caused by a worn-out or broken alternator bearing. It can be because of an alternator bearing. In some cars, the noise could be caused by a poor alternator decoupler pulley.

Normally, a “charge icon” is lighted as soon as there is an engine ignition. But this turns off automatically a few seconds after the engine starts. If it stays lighted, there is a problem with the car’s charging system.

When the “charge icon” continues to be lighted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the alternator needs replacement but it is commonly about an alternator problem. Your car may need an in-depth assessment to ensure what is the defect.

Because the alternator powers your car by providing electricity, like when the radio of your car and other electrical parts of your car works only sporadically, this could mean that your alternator is struggling.

When you need to ignite your car’s engine several times before it will finally start, this can also indicate that your alternator is failing. 

When your car’s battery keeps dying, this may be the result of a problematic alternator rather than an actual problem with your car’s battery.

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Can I still drive without replacing my alternator?

You car is powered by the battery. If the alternator is broken, it will continue to work until it exhausts the battery. If you look in the dashboard, you will find your battery icon lighted but the problem, really, is the alternator. 

Don’t fail to check your alternator to prevent more problems in your car. Today’s car engines are much more intricate and complicated. Running on a bad alternator is a bad idea as your car may suddenly break in the middle of nowhere. 

Do you need alternator repairs and replacement?

Knowing if your alternator needs replacement can be a little tricky but there are tell-tale signs if you do. 

If you observe the things mentioned above in your car, you might be having electrical problems. It can be caused by an alternator, battery, or starter. Most problems are caused by a worn-out alternator, a starter problem, or a dead battery. 

And if you do, look no further. We are here to perform complete checks for alternator defects, together with your car’s starter and battery. Our skilled professionals will test the health of your alternator and battery during idle, during RPMs, and during high voltage loads. Our professionals will also inspect the electrical system of your car. Then, we will talk to you about the options you have in repairing and replacing your bad alternator. To know the electrical repair services, we check the operating functions of the key components so that your car’s electrical system will run properly. After the diagnostic tests of your car, we will discuss with you the car repair services available to fix your problem.

If your car’s alternator fails, it is very important to have it checked as soon as you observe that your alternator is going bad.

Replacing Alternator – What is it?

We can expertly rear and replace your alternator no matter the car make and model. Replacing your alternator will repay the electrical process of your car’s engine and will guarantee a smooth and worry-free ride for you. 

With years of experience in this field of work, our team will evaluate your alternator and its problems. We will also tell you your options and alternatives. No bolt too hard, no belt too tight, we can replace your alternator in record time. We know that alternators are too valuable in a car and this is not the place to cut corners.

When you suspect alternator issues, give us a call immediately and we will come to you. Or, you can schedule an appointment with us. Whatever suits you. But it is important to have us take a look  and get your wheels back on the street.


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