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Trust us, the last thing that you want to happen is to—almost out of nowhere—notice that your car brakes are no longer working. This is the moment movie films often portray. For a split second, but it would probably feel like an eternity to you, you would reflect on your life and see it pass before your eyes. It’s almost comical if you won’t be just as quickly snapped back into reality. And so you might also, just as quickly, shift from pure awe that this is happening to you to downright panic. 

For the sake of the passengers in your car, we urge you to stay calm when moments like this arise. If not for them, then at least think about your precious car—the one that has serviced you for so many years. The one that you’ve probably gone on so many trips on that it feels like an extension of your home. Call us now and feel free to consult about our wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair services.


About Our Services

Now, you will find a lot of articles online that outline the things that you should do in case you find yourself inside a car with busted brakes. For the sake of brevity—but also to give you a quick lowdown—we’ve outlined the steps that you should do: 

  1.     Breathe. You are in this situation, yes. But now is not the time to panic. Stay calm and follow the next steps.
  2.     Turn your hazard lights on. This might not tell other drivers what is the specifics of the issue, but they should at least be smart enough to stay away from your speeding car.
  3.     Make sure that you lift your foot off the gas pedal. We know, some people just panic and instead of taking their foot off the gas pedal, they end up accelerating the car more. Don’t be one of those people. Your car should slow down a bit once you do this. We all have gravity to thank for that.
  4.     Decelerate some more by shifting to a lower gear. Regardless of whether you are driving an automatic or a manual, you should make it a point to slow down by shifting to a lower gear. But of course, you should do this gradually. Third gear first, then 2nd, the 1st. The principle applied to automatic when you shift to a lower gear—or “L”.
  5.     Pull over to the side. Choose somewhere where there is plenty of space and virtually lesser vehicles in sight. By now your car should be at a super slow pace and you can safely come to a halt soon.
  6.     Some of the worst parts are over. Why don’t you give the brake a few more pumps. There might still be a little life in those mechanism and you might just end up done with the nightmare soon.
  7.     This is the time when you can pull up your hand brakes too. If you’re wondering why we didn’t recommend this earlier, it is because we don’t want you to pull up the emergency brakes when your car is still going at a high speed. This will either fry your engines or cause you to skid at a dangerous speed.
  8.     Of course, the most important thing to do next: Call a mechanic to help you fix your brakes. 

Guess what? We are the heroes of your step 8! We are Mobile Mechanic Lutz and we are here to heed your automobile problems. True to our pledge, we will make sure that you will be catered to right away. We take brake problems very seriously here and we’d like to get you safely and properly back into the road in no time.

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What can you expect from us?

For us, there is no automobile job too complicated for us. We have the certifications, the trainings, and most importantly, the experience to help you out of any situation.

Consider checking also our 
alternator replacement and fuel pump repair services. 

We have had years—read decades—of experience in the automobile industry. This business was started by fathers and we have taken over now. You can say that this is now a family business. And we are all family here at Mobile Mechanic Lutz. . .maybe not by blood but by the pact we have made to help out the people of Lutz FL. 

We want to keep the place a safe space for drivers and pedestrians alike, and we have pinpointed faulty brakes as a main culprit to disturbing the peace of our beautiful suburban place. 

Our pledge to the community:

  •       Fair charges

Our rates are fair to both the customer and to our mechanics. We make sure that we do not include hidden-charges. We would prefer to discuss all the work that needs to be done with you first before we start to get to work on your automobile.

  •       The latest tools

Admittedly, we are nerds for all things related to cars, especially the tools involved to tinker with it. We make it a point to attend the biggest and most comprehensive showrooms to shop around for the latest tools that can get our jobs done easily and with precision.

  •       All smiles

We don’t go to work grumpy. We are human and we do face not-so-pleasant situations, but we can say that we make sure that we don’t bring our personal issues to the workplace with us. In fact, work is a safe haven for us. We enjoy what we do and a lot of our clients can attest to this.

  •       Expertise

Again, we can boast not only of our experiences, but also the certificates and diplomas that hang on our wall. We believe that the only shortcut to success is education. And because of this, we make sure that we are constantly learning and evolving with the times and the regularly changing car industry. 

Want to know just how quick and professional our work is? For your break repairs, don’t hesitate to call us today! 

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High quality and affordable price. Friendly staffs and arrived just on time to do the service.
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