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Adventure is out there, friend. All you have to do is to keep on looking for it. And your best company for searching for adventures? Why, your trusty old (or brand new) car, of course. So make sure that it goes uninterrupted by regularly bringing it in for a tune-up. Whether it’s a broken steering wheel. Faulty brakes, or a dead battery we can help you get your car in tiptop shape in no time. 

But speaking of dead batteries, this is often considered as the top reason why most vehicles break down. As meticulous you may be in checking your engine fluid levels daily and making sure that your brakes are fully functional, we understand that it may be a lot more tougher to check if your batteries are still in good condition. Aside from that, our company offers other services such as wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair and  will make sure to maintain your car in a good condition .


About Our Services

How do you know when to replace your battery anyway? We have a few instances that may spark an inspiration for a quick visit to your mechanic. 

#1: You can’t remember the last time you had a battery change.

Owning a car is a big responsibility. To make sure that your drives go along as smoothly as possible, you need to commit to regular tune-ups and check-ups. Now when it comes to car batteries, you want to make sure to check your manual for how long those should be replaced. On average, it takes 5 years for a car battery to completely lose its spark. The number of years you have been using your car (of course with consideration to your usage) should dictate whether it is time for a change in battery or not. 

#2: You can literally hear your car struggle every time you turn your car on.

Before you even blast on your car’s radio, take a moment to really listen to your engine as you rev up your ignition. You’ll get a better feel of your car and notice whether or not it is struggling when you change the ignition. 

If you notice that your car seems to be having difficulty, it may be high time for a battery change.

 #3: Your headlights are not as bright as they used to be.

This is one of the more visual indicators of the need for a battery change. You might notice that your headlights have started to dim, especially if you blast on your air conditioner or heater. 

Make sure that you can see the roads properly when you drive around at night. Bring your car in for a quick battery change today! 

#4: Your dashboard will tell you that your battery needs replacing.

Now this one is pretty hard to ignore. The newer cars will have a dashboard that will prompt them of every little issue in their cars. When you see an icon of a battery on your dashboard, then don’t delay anymore.

 Try checking also our alternator replacement and fuel pump repair.

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What do we offer? 

As a driver, you have developed a much better understanding of your car than most people. If you notice that it is no longer functioning in the capacity that it had been before, then this should tell you that you need to bring it to the experts for a check-up. 

What can you expect when you come to see us here at Mobile Mechanic Lutz?

The first thing we will do is to verify if it is indeed your car’s battery that need replacing. We’ll conduct an inspection—the whole shebang—to make sure that our diagnosis will be correct. After all, having a car battery replacement may require you to shell out an amount. We value honesty and fairness in this shop. We will not recommend fixes that your car does not need just so we can earn a few quick bucks. 

Now here are two possibilities if we check your car battery:

  •       We find out that your car battery is still in good condition. If this is the case, we might just recommend that you leave it with us for a few hours so we can clean it up—dust it off, remove the grease and sludge, and basically just make sure that it performs well to extend its battery life a little bit.
  •       Or we might find out that you need a new car battery. If we find all the signs point to your car needing a quick tune-up, we will make sure to recommend the best brand for your car and your budget. 

It is really as simple as that. To enjoy the benefits of our fair and expert services, make sure to drop by our shop today to learn more about what we can do for you and your car. 

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More About Mobile Mechanic Lutz

So who are these experts that will make sure that your car is fully functional and always ready for adventure with you? We are Mobile Mechanic Lutz. We have been in the automobile business for more than two decades now, starting as a smalltime shop that has expanded into this fully operational and multi-service platform that you now know. 

The thing that has sustained us for all this years is our sheer passion for automobiles. We always make it a point to keep ourselves updated for the latest technology in cars, most especially in car batteries. We also make sure that we get our supplies from the best and most honest distributors in the country. This is to make sure that we only offer you the best that you and your car deserve. 

So do you need a hand in keeping your car happy and cruising around the streets of Lutz for a long time? We will extend and/or replace your car battery to make sure of this. 

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