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There’s nothing quite like the smooth ease of driving around in your car along the beautiful roads of Lutz, Florida. That’s how it should be all the time. The last thing that you want getting in the way of this ease is a faulty power steering mechanism. 

How can a healthy power steering mechanism affect your driving? There’s so many ways we can put it. We’ve listed down some of the reasons why you should always check your power steering to make sure that it is at its tiptop shape. So feel free to call us and consult also about our  oil change and diesel mechanic serivces.



About Our Services

Reason #1: Power steering will dictate your driving ease.

Just think about it: your car is pretty heavy. A regular sedan can weigh up to 5 thousand ton. Now think about how difficult that is to push. Even the world’s strongest men can bust their veins by just attempting to move it for a few meters. But see just how important your power steering system is? It makes moving your car easy. 

Now the moment that you start to notice that your car is no longer as cooperative as it once was—that is, turning it and weaving through traffic has suddenly become a workout in itself—then it might be high time that you bring your car in for a check up. 

Reason #2: Your engine should function quietly.

Do this: turn down your stereo and listen, really listen, to you car. How often does one do this? Probably not as often as one should. Now, do you notice any odd noises whenever you try to turn your steering wheel from left to right? Hear any creaks? Any squeals? Any out-of-place noise that you think shouldn’t be there? That might just be an indication that your car’s power steering belt is worn out and/or loose. 

If you can, go ahead and peek inside your hood to make sure that this isn’t the case. If it is, then don’t delay. Give us a call now and we will send our mechanics to you. If you can, you can also bring your car here at our headquarters and we will be more than happy to help you out.


Do you notice any of these two indicators of a faulty power system mechanism? Then you have come at the best place. We here at Mobile Mechanic Lutz make it our business to study what, for us, is the most fascinating mechanism in your car: the power steering system. 

We just cannot imagine the state of driving without this powerful system. This is the kind of technology that had us hooked on automobiles in the first place. 

Our History 

We are a small team of mechanics hailing from the beautiful city of Lutz, Florida. Born and bred here, we had our degrees in other cities, but found that Lutz still calls us. For us, there is nothing quite like home. And so here we are, professional mechanics doing the best that we can to make sure that the people of Lutz drive safely and with ease by advocating for healthy power steering belts. 

It has been an uphill climb. Ever since we started our business a decade ago, we have had a few hitches in sustaining the business. But we have emerged the victor and continue to serve and offer our expertise in automobiles. 

Want to know just how passionate we are about cars—repairing and upgrading them? Just give us a call now or simply drop by to say hi. We would be more than happy to talk about your car’s issues with you and give you a thorough professional recommendation on what you should do. Consider checking also our water pump replacement and starter replacement services.

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What if your power steering gives out on the road?

 If this is what you searched for in the first place, then good on you. There’s nothing quite like the preparation that makes any incident seem like a small thing.


However, if you are in this situation right now, then don’t panic. We will walk you through just what you need to do to make sure that you can navigate through this unfortunate event safely. 

First, allow us to remind you again to breathe. Your car feels heavy to run, yes, we know that this might seem like a cause for panic. Your job now is to make sure that pedestrians and other drivers know that you are in some situation and that they should not get too near. You can do this by simply turning on your hazard light—the international symbol for emergencies. 

Then, as much as you can, heave your car to the side of the road. We know that this is quite a feat but just weather through this and know that things will turn out just right. Don’t forget to press gently on the break whenever you feel the need or you are called to do it. If you slam on the breaks, you might just spiral to the side. Remember, you have lost control on your steering wheels. You need all other systems in your car working for you properly. 

Now, let’s assume that you are already on the side of the road. Go ahead and rest and catch your breath as you restart the engine. If steering comes easier now, then go ahead and drive carefully to the shop to have your car serviced. However, if you still find it impossible to maneuver your car, then feel free to call us here at Mobile Mechanic Lutz. We will send out helpful team of mechanics to your area right away. 

Depending on your car’s needs, we might need to call in a tow truck for assistance or we can try to remedy the situation on the spot. Either way, know that you are in good hands. We have been responding to emergencies such as this for years now. We have the knowledge as well as the experience to assure you that your car is in good hands. 

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