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Why do I need to replace my wheel bearing?

In this section, we will discuss a common problem among car owners: faulty wheel bearings. But what are the functions of these seemingly tiny car components anyway? Allow us to explain these in as much detail as we can below.

 Wheel Bearing 101

These are basically steel balls that you will find in the middle of the wheels of your car. What these do is that they keep your tires from overheating (aka friction), especially when you drive through long distances. It is easy to locate these, but a little difficult to diagnose if there is a problem with it. 

Important note to remember: it is possible for you to have three set of well-functioning wheel bearings, and have one faulty one. This is because the state and performance of one wheel bearing in your car is not indicative of the state and performance of the others. 

Now that you know what a wheel bearing is, how then can you know if your car is due for a replacement? Here’s our tip: listen to the sound of your wheels turning. Go on and roll those windows open and really feel the movement of your car and listen to it. 

If you notice any or all of the following symptoms, then your wheel bearing might be due for a replacement soon.

  •       You will hear a sound that gets louder over time.

Just as any warning sign that will come from your car, the decline of the quality of your wheel bearing will start out small. It might start out as a faint sound that can be pretty hard to ignore. However, over time, you will notice the sound to gradually become louder.

 What is going on? Your wheel bearing has likely become loose and it may now sounds like your tires are hitting the highway at an alarmingly hard manner. 

  •       You will see a noticeable wear and tear on your wheels even after just a short while.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, tire replacements can be quite costly. But there is one thing that you can do to extend the life of your tires, and that is to have your wheel bearing regularly checked and replaced. After all, the wheel bearing will keep your tires working efficiently. Without it, wear and tire is bound to happen. 

  •       Steering wheel pulses will be more noticeable

You may easily chalk the vibrations up to your power steering fluid being in need of a quick change. However, the underlying problem could be more than this. This might not be your first instinct, but just go ahead and check your wheel bearing. Or better yet, ask the professionals to do it for you. There is a big chance that the vibrations may be caused by an uneven set of tires due to faulty wheel bearings. 

Want to take back control over your vehicles? Don’t want to see rapid wear and tear on your car’s tires? Then have your wheel bearings replaces right away. Ask Mobile Mechanic Lutz how we can service you best and we will discuss our offers and rates to you. Consider checking also our water pump replacement and starter replacement services.


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We operate in Hillsborough County in Florida. We are residents of Lutz, and we service the area too. 

However, it is not so much about where you can find us. The better question is this: where can we find you. We take our services to you, wherever you may be in the city. This way, you can rest easy in knowing that a crew of professional mechanics are on their way to help you out. Just let us know ahead of time what the situation is so we can be better prepared. 

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About Mobile Mechanic Lutz

We’re a pretty small team with a common goal: to serve the people of Lutz and make sure that their cars are just as happy as their owners. 

It is this goal that has kept us in business for more than two decades now. There has been ups and downs in building this dream, but now we are more stable and our team is growing and expanding. This is why we decided to give more to the people of Lutz by giving them access to a team that they can call at any time. We will work on your car anywhere in Lutz—in your garage, near the side of the road, or wherever.

We are accurate and honest. We make sure that you get exactly what your car needs—nothing more and nothing less.

We are properly trained and knowledgeable. Experience can only take us too far. It is the regular update on our knowledge that will keep us in business and serving you better in this rapidly evolving market.

We value you and your car. You and your car’s safety takes utmost precedence. This is why we work hard to make sure that everything will be fixed properly.

Ready to see just what we can offer? Don’t delay. Call us for a quote on our prices or simply book your appointment with us today. We are looking forward to be of service to you. 

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